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Executive cars in South Korea

We all know that Korea exports a lot of cars, but what about big luxury cars? Well it seems they are making those too. Not that I’ve seen any in Europe or the US yet. I have seen very few imported cars. In the large executive class I’ve seen many of the cars as shown in the pictures below, and then it’s been mainly black large petrol S-Class cars, and 1 black BMW 7 series.

Korean executive car front

Korean executive car front

Korean executive car rear

Korean executive car rear

So what will happen in the future? Will German car makers make headway in Korea, or will the home grown cars win out? This is a serious question for both countries. My guess (and it is only that) is that for reasons of status anxiety Germans will win the upper end of the market with the locals taking the lower end (of large executive cars). Of course long term as Asia’s middle class grows, and Korea undergoes its own, let’s hope peaceful, reunification – then ‘my guess’ becomes less likely.

I haven’t seen any super cars Porsches, Lambos, Bentleys, Rolls, Ferraris but maybe I’m not in the right location.

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