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Do you really know Europe? Free downable European Countries Map Quiz

European Countries Map Quiz

European Countries Map Quiz

I’ve created this European map quiz for when I visit schools encouraging children to study languages. There are 46 countries you need to identify from the map, and there are 2 questions sheets one with clues (area, population and capital), the other with no clues.

There is also a very simple language group map question as well.

There are 2 files a pdf (Guess the EU country by map quiz easy and advanced) and a pps (Name the EU countries by map Quiz).

Even after I’d created the quiz I only scored 45!

Let me know how you get on, and as this page is the second most visited  after the blog home page feel free to hit the recently added Facebook or G+ buttons.


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One thought on “Do you really know Europe? Free downable European Countries Map Quiz

  1. Too easy … don’t list countries in alphabetical order. Or alternatively, turn it around and list countries, but number map north to south and have people pick out each country’s number on the map.

    Posted by Virtual Bob | July 11, 2011, 4:26 pm

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