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TM-Europe 2011 Keynote presentation and moderation of Warsaw pact debate

TM-Europe LogoI’m delighted to accept TM-Europe 2011‘s organisers’ invitation to give their conference keynote presentation and moderate their popular Warsaw pact debate.

TM-Europe 2011 is scheduled for 29 – 30 September, 2011, in Warsaw, Poland. The conference will focus on management issues for the translation and localization industry, with particular emphasis on process management and standards and their practical business application.

The 2nd Annual XLIFF Symposium on September 28th precedes TM-Europe 2011, you can register for both events on the TM-Europe site.

In my keynote ‘The Cloud and the Translation Industry‘ I answer the question “What does the ‘Cloud’ mean for the translation industry?” I’ll discuss what the ‘Cloud’ is, and how it interacts with the translation industry. In addition I’ll look at how important standards and workflows are, and the current trends which our industry should be aware, and take advantage, of.

This year’s Warsaw Pact Debate ‘The Importance of Standards Development for the Translation Industry’ takes place as usual at the end of the conference on Friday September 29th. As the moderator it will reflect my interest in translation industry standards as a member of the British Standards Institute delegation to ISO TC/37.

The panel will be made up of Chris Cox (Consultant & leader of ISO 11700 working group), Alan K. Melby, (Professor of Linguistics, Certified Translator, Brigham Young University), and Monika Popiolek, President of MAart Agency Ltd and President of PSBT.

These ‘standards’ experts and industry practitioners will discuss the impact of the industry’s standards development. The focus will be on best practice developed on the basis of standards, certification against standards and lack thereof, trends and innovation in standards development, successes and failures in terms of standards implementation in tools and technologies, recent developments and future prospects, quality assurance and terminology standards, and all other issues involving standards, their commercial application and significance for the translation and localization industry.

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