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Creating a custom 404 Page on, using PHP and HTML custom 404 pageI’ve been spending way too much time recently on the ‘work-in-progress’ website. So when I came across a custom 404 theme ‘Lost in Space – Error 404’ (by adraft) on ThemeForest, I couldn’t resist downloading and customising it to work with my website.  It’s the best $4 I’ve ever spent. is based on a WordPress theme called U-Design. The 404 page, however, is based on HTML. I placed the 404 theme’s HTML code in a directory called custom404 at the top level within ‘httpdocs’. Fortunately U-Design had a custom 404 page written in PHP, I backed that up, then used the following code to redirect from the 404 page ‘PHP’ to the custom 404 (index) page.

PHP code to redirect to custom404 page

This may not be the most elegant solution but is works. You can try it by visiting or trying to reach a page that doesn’t exist on

I edited the text using Dreamweaver to include the ‘milk’ comment – well I had to really just to prove I’d done some work! 🙂

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