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The Real Men Drink Milk has blog has moved!

Happiness bar experts, Mike Little especially, at the excellent Wordcamp UK conference in Edinburgh helped me move this blog from WordPress to self-hosted … er … hosting. There are still a few glitches but hopefully normal service will resume shortly. In particular I’d be grateful if any ‘subscribers’ would contact me if they do not receive updates … Continue reading

The translation industry should see beyond stereotypes

IMHO it is wrong, plain dumb, and ridiculous for anyone in the language industry to boycott or ‘ban using the services’ of another provider based on gender, ethnicity, race, country of origin, religion, language, sexual orientation, physical capability and any of the other many diversity categories. What’s brought about this politically motivated statement? Apparently some … Continue reading

A British way to welcome in the New Year

This is a very British way to welcome in the New Year, Land of Hope and Glory, and being draped in flags. I was there and it was an amazing event. But I’m not comfortable with many of the words of Land of Hope and Glory, or with nationalism in general.

Madrid Night Bike Rally Video 28th June 2012

Almost 5 minutes of very happy people cycling and in some cases roller-skating by at the corner …

How to add multilingual names in Facebook (or how to be pretentiously multilingual in Facebook)

Quick answer: Timeline>Update Info>Basic info>languages>then type your language(s) in Home>Account Settings>Name>Language First and Last Home>Account Settings>Name>Alternative Name Read Facebook Help Centre How do I display an alternate name (ex: nickname or maiden name) on my profile? (to add a name in another character set in brackets after your Facebook name), and/or the Help Centre Language-specific names article. Step-by-step instructions: … Continue reading

Compare and Contrast: Madrid Summer Evening with English Summer Day

Shakespeare wrote ‘Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s Day?’ (Sonnet 18), did he really mean an English Summer’s day? If so I’m not sure it was a compliment …

Midnight in Madrid after 4-2 Penalty win against Portugal Euro 2012 28th June 2012

I was told that the big celebration will be saved for Sunday, but there were still many people happy to celebrate the win against Portugal – even though the police where out to stop people celebrating at the central fountains.  

Unless you want “Ice Cream in the a*s” use Yandex for Russian MT, or better still a human!

I’m often asked why we need professional translators when Google Translate (for example) is free. The short answer is because Google Translate, and other MT engines, can make mistakes. The picture below, of a mistranslation from a Russian Menu, has been circulating on Facebook. “в асс.” is short for ассортимент or assortment, meaning choice – and has been badly mistranslated. I checked … Continue reading

Official Google Webmaster Academy Announced

Google has announced its Webmaster Academy, which I’d recommend to anyone that wants to improve the ‘Google-friendliness’ of their website(s). The Academy “provides practical and easy-to-understand lessons for beginner webmasters to help you improve your site with topics like getting your site in our index, providing search engines with helpful information about your video and image … Continue reading

DEnglish in Wiesbaden

I took these photos during the Tekom conference in Wiesbaden last year, and was reminded of them when reading the following in my Open University L130 German notes: “Anglicisms The use of Anglicisms (or Americanisms) is increasingly common in German-speaking countries. Frau Brandlhofer says check’, Meeting and Tasks. Despite Americanisms creeping in these words are still adapted … Continue reading


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