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A British way to welcome in the New Year

This is a very British way to welcome in the New Year, Land of Hope and Glory, and being draped in flags. I was there and it was an amazing event. But I’m not comfortable with many of the words of Land of Hope and Glory, or with nationalism in general. Advertisements

My Daughter was a Zombie Cheerleader!

My daughter, Iskra Lawrence, was on television last night in Misfits on E4, and received a positive review from @JordanFarley of SFX because she had worked on through despite an injury (hhmm don’t all zombies do that?)

The Yeepeng Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand

We stumbled the Yeepeng (or Yee Peng) Festival across this as there was so much going on during the festival week in Chiang Mai. There seemed to be whole groups of universities and other young people’s organisations that had obviously spent months preparing their floats, costumes and dances – not to mention the fire breathers and other shows.

My RT Iron Curtain score – they think I was a spy!!

I scored 14 out of 15 in Russia Today’s Iron Curtain quiz, which produced the assessment: “We suspect you may have been on the payroll of some government or other, using your occupation as a greeting card salesman as cover. We trust you managed to find an alternative income source” What will you be? Take … Continue reading

English National Ballet Performing Carmen at the London Coliseum

It’s impossible to watch, or rather hear, Carmen and then not have a head-full of ridiculously catchy tunes. And this performance of Roland Petit’s Carmen was no exception. The Toreador Song (Chanson du toréador) – there you go … you’re already humming it, puffing out your chest, and making extravagant arm movements. If you’d don’t believe me … Continue reading

Primrose Bakery: A cupcake lover’s heaven

Visited the (world?) famous Primrose Bakery in London with my wife and daughter. Very good quality treats at very reasonable (especially for London) prices. We already had the cook book, but now have a cotton bag and cook’s apron to go with it! We visited the Covent Garden shop (42 Tavistock Street, London WC2E 7PB … Continue reading

Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Passion and Ecstasy: ‘Allegri diversi’ and ‘Carmina burana’

A surprise treat from my wife, we had a very enjoyable evening at the Birmingham Hippodrome. I’m no ballet expert so unable to write an ‘informed review’, but I do like ballet, its combination of grace, elegance, emotion with talent and underlying effort (I know from my daughter’s many years of studying ballet how physically … Continue reading


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