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How to add multilingual names in Facebook (or how to be pretentiously multilingual in Facebook)

Quick answer: Timeline>Update Info>Basic info>languages>then type your language(s) in Home>Account Settings>Name>Language First and Last Home>Account Settings>Name>Alternative Name Read Facebook Help Centre How do I display an alternate name (ex: nickname or maiden name) on my profile? (to add a name in another character set in brackets after your Facebook name), and/or the Help Centre Language-specific names article. Step-by-step instructions: … Continue reading

Unless you want “Ice Cream in the a*s” use Yandex for Russian MT, or better still a human!

I’m often asked why we need professional translators when Google Translate (for example) is free. The short answer is because Google Translate, and other MT engines, can make mistakes. The picture below, of a mistranslation from a Russian Menu, has been circulating on Facebook. “в асс.” is short for ассортимент or assortment, meaning choice – and has been badly mistranslated. I checked … Continue reading

DEnglish in Wiesbaden

I took these photos during the Tekom conference in Wiesbaden last year, and was reminded of them when reading the following in my Open University L130 German notes: “Anglicisms The use of Anglicisms (or Americanisms) is increasingly common in German-speaking countries. Frau Brandlhofer says check’, Meeting and Tasks. Despite Americanisms creeping in these words are still adapted … Continue reading

Bulglish: The use of English and the Latin Alphabet in Bulgarian

Bulgaria has a range of Bulgarian/English (Bulglish), which along with the choice of latinization of words reflects Bulgaria’s willingness to engage with Europe and the English-speaking world whilst maintaining their Bulgarian cultural identity. “McDonald’s localization” is always an interesting yardstick. I didn’t see any examples of the company logo being written in Cyrillic – which … Continue reading

Doug’s Country Vegetarian Score Card for: Bulgaria

Context Country: Bulgaria. Language(s): Bulgarian (български). Length of stay(s): 3 visits of approximately 12 days in total, including Sofia, Vidin, Koshava, and Plovdiv. Main issues Understanding of concept: Younger people generally understand what a vegetarian is. Availability: Very good. Choice of menu: Similar to a Mediterranean diet. Excellent for lacto-ovo vegetarian, eggs and cheese readily available. Quality: Very good Value for money: Excellent at time of writing … Continue reading

Russian language version of Selling Translations Technology Assisted Translation Pricing Spectrum March 2012

Thanks to Ego Translating Company for supplying the translation into Russian of the these documents previously posted in English only. Click the links below to download the PDFs. Russian-US-Letter-Selling-Translations-Technology-Assisted-Translation-Pricing-Spectrum-March-2012 Russian-A4-Selling-Translations-Technology-Assisted-Translation-Pricing-Spectrum-March-2012

Elena Ivanova pottery artist in Plovdiv Bulgaria throwing on a potter’s wheel

Elena Ivanova (Елена Иванова), a pottery artist in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (Пловдив, България), who hand throws decorative pottery.  

Russian Presidential Elections – What happened after the web cams were turned off! A first hand account from a polling station monitor

I’m sure most of you have heard about irregularities in the recent Russian Presidential elections. Below is a personal account, with video evidence, from Demid Tishin, a personal friend and a well-known and respected business owner within the Russian translation industry. Demid was asked to leave the polling station based on a fake letter from his candidate rescinding his authority. Незаконное удаление наблюдателей УИК 885 … Continue reading

Bing Machine Translation added to Facebook … in case you didn’t already know

OK I’m probably not the first to spot Facebook offering Bing Machine Translation, indeed a few of my friends said they’d noticed this a week or so again. And when I “Googled” this (other search engines are available) there were plenty of pages dedicated to predicting how useful or successful this feature will be. The “horse’s mouth” … Continue reading

Reputation ranking of Top 100 Russian LSPs released today!

I have a fondness for Russia and Russians, which has lead to an active interest in the fast growing Russian speaking translation market.  I’ve delivered sales workshops and in-house training for translation companies and freelancers in various cities across Russian, and have been impressed by the professionalism, talent and ambition exhibited by Russian LSPs. This ranking (#100buro), the first of its … Continue reading

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