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Sameh Ragab singing the call to prayer at the Murat Pasha Mosque in Skopje

Whilst in Skopje my friend Sameh Ragab of the Arabiana Translation Group,  a speaker at the regional Conference in Skopje, sang the call to prayer at the Murat Pasha Mosque in Skopje. I’m not a Muslim but as stated in earlier posts I like the call to prayer – and believe that spiritualism or faith can give comfort and … Continue reading

Encouraging UK Students to study languages at the Lordswood Girls’ School Language Conference

Trying to encourage school children to study languages I spoke at the Modern Foreign Languages Conference on Tuesday 12th July organised by Lordswood Girls’ School. I delivered 2 sessions each with two quizzes, to give the students a break from my presentation 😉 I also attended Nabila Semouh’s excellent Arabic language taster session, where I learnt a … Continue reading

Free workshop: Bridging the Cultural Gap, winning business overseas

I’m taking part in this workshop in Birmingham, UK, and particularly looking forward to Amira Graham’s Arabic Business Language Taster. I’ll speaking about, and facilitating some activities around export communications and highlighting the benefits of the UKTI Export Communication Review for which I am an accredited supplier. Title: Bridging the Culture Gap – Improve Communications … Continue reading

Call to Prayer (أَذَّان) Dubai Airport

Landing in Dubai airport this morning it was a nice surprise to hear the call to prayer (أَذَّان). Call it reflective, calming, or a just signal to think beyond tax-free shopping – it was a welcome change. “Shop & Relax” whilst this phrase might apply to, indeed have been ‘coined’ for, my daughter, for me … Continue reading

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