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How to add multilingual names in Facebook (or how to be pretentiously multilingual in Facebook)

Quick answer: Timeline>Update Info>Basic info>languages>then type your language(s) in Home>Account Settings>Name>Language First and Last Home>Account Settings>Name>Alternative Name Read Facebook Help Centre How do I display an alternate name (ex: nickname or maiden name) on my profile? (to add a name in another character set in brackets after your Facebook name), and/or the Help Centre Language-specific names article. Step-by-step instructions: … Continue reading

Hangeul (한글) practice at King Sejong Story

During my visit to the King Sejong Story I found an area where I could practice Hangeul (한글). Unfortunately I need a lot more practice!

Personalised Hangeul Stamp

I had my own personalised Hangeul stamp made at Myung Sin Dang Art Shop at 18, Gwan Hun Dong Jong Ro Gu, Seoul. Following a pingback from Jonathan Jamieson, I discovered a few blogs that cover these stamps much better than my effort here 😉 I also learned the stamps are called ‘dojang aka name … Continue reading

At last Man Sized Korean Milk

1 litre of Korean milk with a label which appears to be have been written by a Korean relative of Tolstoy

Korea first milk 우유 (uyu)!

OK so I’ve landed in Korea and just before I boarded the excellent coach to the hotel I had a little time to wander around one of world’s best airports Incheon. Here’s my first korean milk purchase. In Korean milk is pronounced ‘uyu’ using Hangul (한글) it is written as 우유. I love Hangul and … Continue reading

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