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Thailish Buddhist sayings, Chinese language varieties, and English as a ‘contact language’ in the Far East

It feels good to post something about language after all the recent travel entries. We stayed in Chiang Mai where they are many international visitors who use English as the ‘contact language’. The ISO meetings and conference I attended (The 5th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing – IJCNLP2011) were all in English. My ISO colleagues … Continue reading

Fried Thai Insects: One of those times I was really glad I was a vegetarian!

I’m sure there are some entomophagists – look it up 😉 – out there that will tell me that fried insects are a delicious, low-calorie, nutritious alternative to other more ‘normal’ snacks … yeah right! That might be true but I don’t eat fried food, especially if it has a face, compound eyes, or a back-end that looks like its front-end. Still each … Continue reading

Sameh Ragab singing the call to prayer at the Murat Pasha Mosque in Skopje

Whilst in Skopje my friend Sameh Ragab of the Arabiana Translation Group,  a speaker at the regional Conference in Skopje, sang the call to prayer at the Murat Pasha Mosque in Skopje. I’m not a Muslim but as stated in earlier posts I like the call to prayer – and believe that spiritualism or faith can give comfort and … Continue reading

Tallin Old Town shop signs in Estonia

I think all of these are from the old town, so they might in some cases be more for effect than information provision.

Estlish use of English in Estonia

Like many countries Estonia uses English in signs, new words and everyday language. In Tallinn this Estlish was sprinkled pretty liberally, but was also mixed with Russian and Nordic languages (at least I think they were Nordic rather than Baltic). As with other ‘lishes there are loan words which are ‘adapted’ such ‘Faks’ for ‘Fax’ … Continue reading

Piim is Estonian for milk!

Milk is readily available in Tallinn!

Russian (русский язык) in Estonia

The taxi from the airport to the hotel was good value at 7 Euros. The trip was very short too. But the biggest surprise to me was that the taxi driver was a Russian speaker. He didn’t speak English or German, and I suspect his Estonian wasn’t great either. Before I visited Tallinn I would have thought … Continue reading

Doug’s Country Vegetarian Score Card for: Estonia

Context Country: Estonia Language(s): Estonian and, in Tallinn, a lot of Russian Length of stay(s): 4 days July 2011 Main issues Understanding of concept: Not good, and I was told there is no Estonian word for ‘vegan’ Availability: In Tallinn good, to very good. I think because of the combination of Nordic influences, tourist business and Russian influenced … Continue reading

Товарищеский турнир по настольному теннису среди бюро переводов Москвы на приз Translation Forum Russia

Москва, парк Сокольники, 30 июля 2011 г. Организаторы: Бюро переводов РОЙД, Exprimo Роман Арзамасов, X-Deal, получает главный приз – две бесплатные регистрации на Translation Forum Russia 2011, а также две бесплатные регистрации на тренинг Дага Лоуренса Selling Translations®, который пройдет сразу после конференции – 26 сентября 2011.

Von Krahli Aed (Von Krahl`s Garden) café-restaurant excellent vegan and vegetarian food in Tallinn

A Lucky Veggie Find Although not exclusively vegetarian, or vegan, the Von Krahli Aed has many hidden treasures in its menu to gladden the heart of any ‘plant eater’. And most secret of all is a ‘real’ Estonian vegan chef, which, considering I was told there is no word for ‘vegan’ in  Estonian, is a very … Continue reading

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