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Unless you want “Ice Cream in the a*s” use Yandex for Russian MT, or better still a human!

I’m often asked why we need professional translators when Google Translate (for example) is free. The short answer is because Google Translate, and other MT engines, can make mistakes. The picture below, of a mistranslation from a Russian Menu, has been circulating on Facebook. “в асс.” is short for ассортимент or assortment, meaning choice – and has been badly mistranslated. I checked … Continue reading

Russian language version of Selling Translations Technology Assisted Translation Pricing Spectrum March 2012

Thanks to Ego Translating Company for supplying the translation into Russian of the these documents previously posted in English only. Click the links below to download the PDFs. Russian-US-Letter-Selling-Translations-Technology-Assisted-Translation-Pricing-Spectrum-March-2012 Russian-A4-Selling-Translations-Technology-Assisted-Translation-Pricing-Spectrum-March-2012

Bing Machine Translation added to Facebook … in case you didn’t already know

OK I’m probably not the first to spot Facebook offering Bing Machine Translation, indeed a few of my friends said they’d noticed this a week or so again. And when I “Googled” this (other search engines are available) there were plenty of pages dedicated to predicting how useful or successful this feature will be. The “horse’s mouth” … Continue reading

How to Answer “Can’t I just use Google to translate my website?”

This Google Webmaster Central Blog entry “Working with multilingual websites” by Xavier deMorales, Google Search Quality, is a little dated (March 19, 2010) but can help you to answer the, some think, ill-informed question “Can’t I just use Google to translate my website?” The killer line is “We recommend that you do not allow automated … Continue reading

Google Translate adds Indic Languages

The Google Official Blog has announced Google Translate support from today for “five new experimental alpha languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu“. This brings the current number of languages supported by Google Translate to 63. Readers of my blog will remember my story about the Tamil Shower Caretaker at Dubai Airport who taught me … Continue reading

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