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The translation industry should see beyond stereotypes

IMHO it is wrong, plain dumb, and ridiculous for anyone in the language industry to boycott or ‘ban using the services’ of another provider based on gender, ethnicity, race, country of origin, religion, language, sexual orientation, physical capability and any of the other many diversity categories. What’s brought about this politically motivated statement? Apparently some … Continue reading

Madrid Night Bike Rally Video 28th June 2012

Almost 5 minutes of very happy people cycling and in some cases roller-skating by at the corner …

Compare and Contrast: Madrid Summer Evening with English Summer Day

Shakespeare wrote ‘Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s Day?’ (Sonnet 18), did he really mean an English Summer’s day? If so I’m not sure it was a compliment …

Midnight in Madrid after 4-2 Penalty win against Portugal Euro 2012 28th June 2012

I was told that the big celebration will be saved for Sunday, but there were still many people happy to celebrate the win against Portugal – even though the police where out to stop people celebrating at the central fountains.  

Bulglish: The use of English and the Latin Alphabet in Bulgarian

Bulgaria has a range of Bulgarian/English (Bulglish), which along with the choice of latinization of words reflects Bulgaria’s willingness to engage with Europe and the English-speaking world whilst maintaining their Bulgarian cultural identity. “McDonald’s localization” is always an interesting yardstick. I didn’t see any examples of the company logo being written in Cyrillic – which … Continue reading

GBP 1m first class train journey!

OK it’s probably a mistake, but it is a real screen shot I took when booking a train ticket in December 2011. GBP 1m is quite expensive for a local journey!

Doug’s Country Vegetarian Score Card for: Bulgaria

Context Country: Bulgaria. Language(s): Bulgarian (български). Length of stay(s): 3 visits of approximately 12 days in total, including Sofia, Vidin, Koshava, and Plovdiv. Main issues Understanding of concept: Younger people generally understand what a vegetarian is. Availability: Very good. Choice of menu: Similar to a Mediterranean diet. Excellent for lacto-ovo vegetarian, eggs and cheese readily available. Quality: Very good Value for money: Excellent at time of writing … Continue reading

Elena Ivanova pottery artist in Plovdiv Bulgaria throwing on a potter’s wheel

Elena Ivanova (Елена Иванова), a pottery artist in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (Пловдив, България), who hand throws decorative pottery.  

United Lounges: Boston and Newark

Probably not that interesting if you’re not into airport lounges. But to me these are great places to escape the ‘hustle and bustle’ of airports – and if I’m lucky they have a shower too (United’s Boston lounge doesn’t, one of their 2 Newark lounges does). Wi-Fi is expected for free and I’ve never paid yet in a … Continue reading

Selling Translations® and CSA Workshop Announced for Boston, USA, 21st May 2012

The Strategy Factor: Building the Foundation for Sustainable Growth – Take your company to the next level! In this workshop Don DePalma, Nataly Kelly, Doug Lawrence will help owners, CEOs, or Managing Directors of language service providers and technology companies develop the right corporate and sales strategies for their businesses, enabling them to stand out … Continue reading

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