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Wanna be exclusive? Use another language!

I have a tie. It’s a nice tie. I know this because: 1) My daughter chose it 2) It’s from Milan (Milano) But I was very surprised the company that made the tie was called “Andrew’s Ties“. Perhaps in Milan ‘Andrew’ gives a certain gravitas to the brand, but as a Brit I would have … Continue reading

CATS Hotel Seoul Korea

CATS Hotel staff were so helpful it was embarrassing. Excellent location, close to subway station and Insa-Dong. View didn’t matter to me. More clothes hanging storage would have been useful as would have an iron. Room was too dark. I hated the plastic mattress protector. Internet access options were great – thank you. Free drinks … Continue reading

Back to 발우공양 Balwoo Gongyang Kong Temple Food

Those of you who have read earlier posts in this blog will not be surprised that I returned to the Balwoo Gongyang Kong Temple Food restaurant. This time I went for ‘noodles’ rather rice.

Bandi and Luni’s underground bookstore in Seoul

I like book shops and find it difficult not to leave a store without an arm full of purchases which I naively intend to read, and sometimes do – despite that owning a book is often a substitute for reading it. No one who knows anything about Korea will be surprised to learn that Korean … Continue reading

Korean Skin Food Cosmetics

Bought some Skin Food cosmetics for presents ‘back home’.

Help is always at hand in Seoul

It’s often said don’t walk around with a map in London … it screams ‘tourist’and could draw the attention of the wrong type of people – such as pickpockets. Walk around with a map and in London you might be robbed, in Seoul you’ll be mobbed – by people trying to help you. … and … Continue reading

Hangeul (한글) practice at King Sejong Story

During my visit to the King Sejong Story I found an area where I could practice Hangeul (한글). Unfortunately I need a lot more practice!

Tea, Coffee or … you’re kidding right?!

The CATS Hotel complimentary drinks tray looked well stocked. My interest was drawn to what I had thought was Rose tea ‘specially designed for her’, but oh no, it’s a two pack of condoms! Surprise over, why put it next to the tea and coffee sachets?

LG Toothpaste?!

So LG do toothpaste now? It could be an advert, but doesn’t look like it to me. The push on cap with a series of barbed plastic prongs was also new to me.

Executive cars in South Korea

We all know that Korea exports a lot of cars, but what about big luxury cars? Well it seems they are making those too. Not that I’ve seen any in Europe or the US yet. I have seen very few imported cars. In the large executive class I’ve seen many of the cars as shown … Continue reading

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