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Personalised Hangeul Stamp

I had my own personalised Hangeul stamp made at Myung Sin Dang Art Shop at 18, Gwan Hun Dong Jong Ro Gu, Seoul. Following a pingback from Jonathan Jamieson, I discovered a few blogs that cover these stamps much better than my effort here 😉 I also learned the stamps are called ‘dojang aka name … Continue reading

New friends

발우공양 Balwoo Gongyang Kong Temple Food

At last I’ve found a vegetarian restaurant in Seoul! Balwoo Gongyang Kong Temple Food (발우공양) opposite the Jogyesa Korean Buddhist temple. A wonderful meal, very well priced at only 6,000 Korean won (approximately 6 USD). See before and after pics below! Oh and here are the 4 bowls from the logo

Seoul Shoe Shines and Special Pricing for Tourists

Had my shoes shined by this very nice Korean gent near my hotel in Seoul. It only cost 1000 Korean Won approximately 1 US dollar. It wasn’t as good as the shoe shine in Istanbul, Turkey, but it cost 5 times less – so it was better value, and of course this gentlemen provides shoe … Continue reading

Jogyesa 조계사 Korean temple

I came across the Jogyesa 조계사 Korean temple by accident and what a find it was! I spent some 3 hours there talking with Do Rae (a Temple volunteer), trying to meditate, watching the worship and just ‘being’. As I was leaving the Temple the monks started to pay the drums as a sort of … Continue reading

2011 EKF 2nd Autistic Children’s Drawing Contest Seoul Korea

Good to see this cause recognised and the children’s work celebrated in Korea. For more information on Autism I’d recommend a visit the website of The Autistic Self Advocacy Network and The National Autistic Society.

Troika Russian Restaurant in Seoul

Although I enjoyed the company of good friends this story didn’t start well as it was situated in Itaewon; Seoul’s ex-pat area. I admit I’m a cultural snob – when I come to Seoul I want to see Korea. Arriving at the Troika Russian restaurant, Russian text book in my rucksack, I completely confused the … Continue reading

Tapgol Park: Travel with open eyes, mind, and heart

Early on a warm Sunday morning I took a walk around Tapgol park (38-1 Jongno 2(i)-ga, Jongno-u, Seoul). When you travel you have to open your eyes, have an open mind and be prepared to experience events on an emotional level – in other words open your heart. Tapgol is a small park, but very significant, … Continue reading

At last Man Sized Korean Milk

1 litre of Korean milk with a label which appears to be have been written by a Korean relative of Tolstoy

Korean Taxis

This are well managed so you will get a receipt and are unlikely to be charged more than you should (the usual tricks of ‘oh I forgot to switch the meter on’ don’t apply). I had a ride in one cab where there was some form of astro-tuft for the back seats carpet, and a … Continue reading

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