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Driving an Oxen Cart at Maetang Elephant Park Chiang Mai Thailand

I was lucky enough to be allowed to drive an Oxen Cart at Maetang Elephant Park Chiang Mai Thailand. Just after we’d completed an elephant ride through rain forest jungle, and before I spent sometime in a tiger enclosure, itself after taking a bamboo raft down a tranquil Thai river.

Meeting Tigers at Tiger Kingdom, Maer-rim, Chiang-Mai, Thailand

During a visit to the Tiger Kingdom, Maer-rim, Chiang-Mai, Thailand, I was able to stroke and walk with tigers. You might find some of Tiger Kingdom’s Trip Advisor reviews and comments from volunteers on the Tiger Kingdom website helpful when deciding if you want to visit, especially if you have issues about using wild animals for profit … Continue reading

The Yeepeng Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand

We stumbled the Yeepeng (or Yee Peng) Festival across this as there was so much going on during the festival week in Chiang Mai. There seemed to be whole groups of universities and other young people’s organisations that had obviously spent months preparing their floats, costumes and dances – not to mention the fire breathers and other shows.

Fried Thai Insects: One of those times I was really glad I was a vegetarian!

I’m sure there are some entomophagists – look it up 😉 – out there that will tell me that fried insects are a delicious, low-calorie, nutritious alternative to other more ‘normal’ snacks … yeah right! That might be true but I don’t eat fried food, especially if it has a face, compound eyes, or a back-end that looks like its front-end. Still each … Continue reading

Evening Tuk-Tuk ride through the streets of Chiang Mai Thailand from Shangri-La Hotel to the Sunday Walking Street

Don’t watch this if you get travel sick! This video is just under 5 minutes long, so you might want to cache it first and fast forward to the best bits (50 secs, 2 mins, 4 mins 23 secs)

Thai floods from the air November 6th 2011

On a more serious note many people in Thailand have died and been made homeless by Thailand’s worst floods in 50 years. The second video shows how ‘dry’ Chiang Mai was in comparison.

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