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Russian Presidential Elections – What happened after the web cams were turned off! A first hand account from a polling station monitor

I’m sure most of you have heard about irregularities in the recent Russian Presidential elections. Below is a personal account, with video evidence, from Demid Tishin, a personal friend and a well-known and respected business owner within the Russian translation industry. Demid was asked to leave the polling station based on a fake letter from his candidate rescinding his authority. Незаконное удаление наблюдателей УИК 885 … Continue reading

My RT Iron Curtain score – they think I was a spy!!

I scored 14 out of 15 in Russia Today’s Iron Curtain quiz, which produced the assessment: “We suspect you may have been on the payroll of some government or other, using your occupation as a greeting card salesman as cover. We trust you managed to find an alternative income source” What will you be? Take … Continue reading

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