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Estlish use of English in Estonia

Like many countries Estonia uses English in signs, new words and everyday language. In Tallinn this Estlish was sprinkled pretty liberally, but was also mixed with Russian and Nordic languages (at least I think they were Nordic rather than Baltic). As with other ‘lishes there are loan words which are ‘adapted’ such ‘Faks’ for ‘Fax’ … Continue reading

The Pier Tallinn Estonia

The Pier is a concrete area of Tallinn bay which is ‘falling apart’, but rather than condemning the area the broken pieces of concrete have been covered with wooden decking. There is a pebble beach nearby backing onto waste land, and there is a view of the ships in the harbour.

Linnahall, Tallinn, Estonia: If you can’t say anything nice, say nothing

Apparently Linnahall won a Soviet architectural award, I have nothing else to say … (I didn’t see inside Linnahall, and no I couldn’t be bothered to add descriptive tags to the images)

Von Krahli Aed (Von Krahl`s Garden) café-restaurant excellent vegan and vegetarian food in Tallinn

A Lucky Veggie Find Although not exclusively vegetarian, or vegan, the Von Krahli Aed has many hidden treasures in its menu to gladden the heart of any ‘plant eater’. And most secret of all is a ‘real’ Estonian vegan chef, which, considering I was told there is no word for ‘vegan’ in  Estonian, is a very … Continue reading

The Magic Buffee Cafe Tallinn Estonia

The Magic Buffee is a good example of the value for money and quality food available in Tallinn. The place was spotless too! Interesting use of ‘Buffee’ which appears to translated phonetically where as in UK EN we use ‘buffet’ but pronounce it ‘buf-fay’. I think in UK EN we’d probably use ‘pasty’ rather than pie. I’m not sure what other … Continue reading

Seen in Estonian Shop: Bust Firming Massage Cream ‘Tester’!

I hope my female readers will forgive me for this entry. I was going to include this image in the Estlish post. But the simple gag was too tempting to resist. So here it, “Bust Firming Massage Cream ‘Tester‘”, despite hanging around near this item in the shop for sometime, there was unfortunately no testing to be … Continue reading

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