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Doug’s Country Vegetarian Score Card for: Bulgaria

Context Country: Bulgaria. Language(s): Bulgarian (български). Length of stay(s): 3 visits of approximately 12 days in total, including Sofia, Vidin, Koshava, and Plovdiv. Main issues Understanding of concept: Younger people generally understand what a vegetarian is. Availability: Very good. Choice of menu: Similar to a Mediterranean diet. Excellent for lacto-ovo vegetarian, eggs and cheese readily available. Quality: Very good Value for money: Excellent at time of writing … Continue reading

Lehka Hlava (Clear Head) Vegetarian Restaurant (for me) the best restaurant I’ve ever been to

Why is Lehka Hlava the best restaurant I’ve ever been to? Vegetarian Vegan Raw food Excellent range of ‘super healthy’ drinks Unpretentious – very friendly (staff and restaurant) Very good value (for its position near Charles bridge in Prague I’d say cheap!) Great desserts (often not so good in veggie restaurants) Hyper-informative menu Open kitchen area – … Continue reading

Von Krahli Aed (Von Krahl`s Garden) café-restaurant excellent vegan and vegetarian food in Tallinn

A Lucky Veggie Find Although not exclusively vegetarian, or vegan, the Von Krahli Aed has many hidden treasures in its menu to gladden the heart of any ‘plant eater’. And most secret of all is a ‘real’ Estonian vegan chef, which, considering I was told there is no word for ‘vegan’ in  Estonian, is a very … Continue reading


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